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Hello Everyone!

Hope you’re all in good health, despite this never-ending health crisis…

Our sales reps are unable to visit you due to the current situation, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with them to schedule a phone appointment or even better, videoconference sessions.

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The Recyl Team

Resumption of economic activity

After all these difficult weeks due to the Covid19 pandemic, we all hope to find you again in good health, yourself, your businesses and your families.

Recyl team knew how to adapt and maintain its activity. All the staff remained mobilized despite the containment and we are all happy now to be able to resume our relations with our customers and partners in an almost normal way.
Feel free to contact our sales team, we are always at your disposal.

Thank you again for your continued support during this complicated period.
Take care of you and stay careful!



Because safety is of the utmost importance to Recyl, we have implemented, during the course of 2019, a brand new specific pumping and weighing installation with PLC to automate and monitor the manufacturing process of our famous Recyl Cobra product, which has always been manufactured manually since the early days.

Management, automation technicians and production operators were all involved in this project, which achieved its ambitious objectives:

  • Drastic reduction in material handling by the operators,
  • Production time significantly reduced,
  • Quality of the product guaranteed by the automated process,
  • Substantial reduction in soiled packaging: transition to a circular economy, limiting the environmental impact by reducing pollution.

This project was submitted to the first Initiatives Chimie 2019” trophies (“Chemistry Initiatives 2019”), which took place at the end of 2019.
The purpose of these trophies is to promote and reward successful collaboration between different players in the chemical industry: equipment suppliers and chemical manufacturers.

In partnership with the Lutz Jesco company, supplier of pumping equipment, Recyl has been selected to participate in the “Trophée de la sécurité partagée” catégory (“Shared Safety Trophy”).

The award ceremony took place on November 21st, 2019 and the Recyl Team is proud to inform you that the RECYL-LUTZ JESCO collaboration received the 1st prize for the best safety device jointly implemented around the Cobra manufacturing equipment.

We congratulate and thank all our colleagues who participated in this project, as well as our partner Lutz Jesco who helped us in achieving our objectives.





Coming in 2020…

We hope you have well started the year 2020!

We are already looking forward to welcoming you in a few months at the big exhibition, Drupa 2020 in Düsseldorf. This will be the big event of the year!

In the meantime, we would like to thank all our customers and partners for their trust for more than 30 years, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with you in the coming year!

Quick’Wash CLICHÉ

Quick’Wash Cliché: special cleaning product for plates

The new cleaning product Quick’Wash Cliché is specially adapted to clean all plates tarnished with solvent-based inks, primarily used in the flexible packaging market.

Quick’Wash Cliché is a smart combination of chemicals with a high cleaning power allowing to cover a very wide spectrum of either fresh or dry solvent-based inks: its high cleaning efficiency on plates is combined with its compatibility for use in food packaging).

Cliche-CleanerQuick’Wash Cliché is the perfect fit for use with our
CLICHÉ CLEANER machine range, which comes into 7 models
for different widths of plates, adapted to the various needs
of printers in the narrow, mid and wide-web markets.




Quick’Wash Cliché can also be used manually on or off printing machine.
Our product is available in drums of 20 L, 220 L or 1000 L.
It is a non-corrosive product and is not classified as a dangerous good for transportation.

For any further information, feel free to contact us.

New ultrasonic machine MW-1 for Anilox

Ultrasound cleaning machine NextWave MW-1
for Mid Web & Wide Web

Following the success of its NextWave NW anilox cleaning machine, designed for Narrow Web, with ultrasonic technology, Recyl has expanded its range to meet the needs of Mid and Wide Web printers.

It was at the All4Pack exhibition in Paris last November that Recyl has unveiled its new prototype: the NextWave MW-1 (Mid Web, 1 cylinder cleaned), designed for the widest widths (1800 mm).

Like the small model, the NextWave MW-1 machine incorporates inside the NexTgen ultrasonic generators from the French firm SinapTec.

This technology, used in conjunction with the Recyl W200 cleaning product (market reference), allows fast and thorough anilox cleaning by optimally combining the chemical and mechanical actions of ultrasonic waves

The MW-1 machine has the particularity of ensuring automatic cleaning, rinsing and drying, WITHOUT handling of the cylinder between the different phases

While conventional solutions require the operator to move the cylinder from an ultrasonic cleaning bath to a rinsing bath (and generally do not offer drying, or manual drying), the NextWave MW1 completely frees the operator during the entire cleaning/rinsing/drying process and allows him to concentrate on more productive tasks.

For any further information or receive a technical brochure, feel free to contact us.