Because Packaging and our Planet Matter

On April 17 and 18, the conference “Because Packaging and our Planet Matter” was held, organized by PDO Printing, a client of our partner and distributor GRAW in Poland.

The presentation focused on the challenges that printers have to face today, such as ecology regulations, trends, safety, productivity, price etc.

Bertrand L’Homme, Director of RECYL, was present alongside GRAW, as a sponsor company, to discuss how Recyl meets these requirements for chemicals in the printing industry, both in terms of ecology and safety for humans than cleaned materials.

It was a great conference, very interesting and well organized by PDO.

Thanks again to Graw for all their efforts and great support to promote Recyl products, and especially our Quick’Wash Solvant!

Perfect proof that our RECYL chemicals are:

🍃 Environmentally friendly – REACH, CLP compliant

🍃 Safe for the environment, biodegradable and easy to dispose of

🍃 Safe for humans – free of VOCs, mutagens and carcinogens