Simplex Big 2200 & ASC-3000

Recyl in Poland

Recyl in Poland

Recyl recently installed two of its largest flexographic equipment cleaning machines at Masterpress in Poland, a leading printer specializing in high-quality shrink sleeves and self-adhesive labels.

Parts cleaning in Simplex Big 2200The Recyl Simplex Big 2200, with its high capacity, allows to clean a large number of parts easily positioned on a 2-meter diameter tray with the help of an external trolley.

The parts are then sprayed with high pressure with the specially selected cleaning chemical, rinsed and dried with hot air.

A two-tank system allows to clearly separate the cleaning product and the rinsing water, for re-use during multiple cleaning cycles.


To clean anilox rollers, a special version of the Recyl Anilox Spray Cleaner 3000 has been designed to meet the specific requirements of Masterpress to clean, rinse and dry six rollers at the same time.

Anilox cleaning in Anilox Spray Cleaner 3000The cleaning chemical is first sprayed on the rollers in rotation, which are then rinsed with water under high pressure to combine mechanical and chemical actions, and finally dried.


These installations were carried out with the strong support of Recyl’s partner P.U. GRAW, key supplier of flexographic equipment in Poland.

Recyl helps to fight cancer…

…and runs the 2017 New York City Marathon!

Recyl is proud to inform you that it recently supported the American Cancer Society in its relentless efforts to free the world from cancer. This support is a tiny drop, helping to get closer to what’s needed to fund and conduct research, share expert information and spread the word about prevention.

This support allowed Jean-Baptiste, eldest son of Charlotte & Olivier Goualard, to participate to the 2017 New York City Marathon, which took place on November 5.

The demand to participate to this world-famous race is enormous, and raising funds for a Charity association is the preferred method chosen by the race organization to select the 50’000 + runners.


Olivier Goualard explains:

“The choice of supporting the American Cancer Society was a family decision, as it appeared to us that it was one of the most universal causes to help, as this disease strikes old and young, rich and poor. All of us know somebody who suffers or suffered from cancer.

The marathon carries many of Recyl values: hard work, positive attitude, perseverance, accountability, integrity, passion and resilience. Recyl was proud to associate its name to this race and to support the American Cancer Association. Today, we are simply happy to share this information with our partners.”

Jean-Baptiste at km 30

Recyl in Hungary

Recyl in Hungary

At Recyl, the year 2016 ended with its wheels spinning, with the installation in Hungary of our Clean Plate 120 machine just a couple of days before Christmas.
The end-customer, Bódai Műanyag (Boda Plastic), located in Hungary, is specialized in the manufacturing and packaging technology trade. Thanks to its EP films of high quality and technicality, Bodai has become a significant market player in the flexible packaging industry, which allows it to work with multinational companies such as Nestlé, Provimi or Codefine in Switzerland.
The installation of the CleanPlate 120 was carried out with the help and active support of our Austrian distributor and partner Eumatex, represented by Norbert Làszló, as well as Recyl’s technical director, Bertrand Christen, and the cleaning results speak for themselves.

Recyl acquired by the Goualard Family

A New Impulse at Recyl

Recyl Ville-la-Grand, France, 31 May 2016

Pierre Chevreux, Founder-President of Recyl SAS, France and his fellow shareholders are pleased to announce that they completed the sale of Recyl to O&CG Holding SAS, owned by Charlotte and Olivier Goualard, effective June 1st, 2016.

Charlotte Goualard spearheaded R&D and Quality Engineering at Recyl over the past 9 years; initially ensuring the smooth transition and compliance to the REACH regulations, then progressively moving into R&D and building upon Pierre Chevreux’s savoir-faire. Charlotte’s work behind the scenes helped Recyl launch many of its latest products such as the QuickWash Flex, Clean Waterless or QuickWash Solvent PU ensuring Recyl’s continuous innovative character.

Charlotte’s husband, Olivier Goualard will take over the leadership of the company as Pierre Chevreux steps down and moves into a very well-deserved retirement. Olivier brings along a strong engineering and business administration background, as well as over 20 years of B2B and leadership experience in a multinational company.

Olivier Goualard said, “I’m thrilled to take Recyl forward, building on its excellent reputation in the domain of industrial printing. Recyl’s team combines experience and youth, expertise and innovation skills, and over all a real sense of customer service and an excellent team spirit, which allowed Recyl to build excellent partnerships with its customers, distributors and suppliers over the years. We are truly fortunate to have an extensive worldwide distribution & reseller network that helps us continuously support clients on every continent.”

“The company is well-equipped to grow in the coming years; both in terms of new cleaning chemical products, more efficient and greener at the same time. In addition, at Drupa 2016, we are unveiling cutting-edge ultrasonic technology for Anilox maintenance. NextWave, Recyl’s latest ultrasonic range based on Sinaptec’s closed loop control system, gives us a crystal-clear advantage by guaranteeing cleaning results over time to its customers,” added Olivier Goualard, the new President of Recyl SAS, France.

Pierre Chevreux commented, “I’m happy to see that the future of Recyl is in good hands. Charlotte and Olivier Goualard combine together excellent technical and management skills, enabling Recyl to move forward in the complex and fascinating flexographic industry.”

About Recyl: Pierre Chevreux founded Recyl back in 1989, quickly creating strong demand for the Cobra, his special formula for deep cleaning of Anilox rolls, de-clogging ceramic rolls whatever the ink type or varnish. Over the years Recyl has established itself as a reference in the flexographic industry, as the company significantly extended its product range to a large choice of maintenance products and machines for Anilox, parts and plates, as well as its global reach through an wide network of distributors located all over the world.

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The Recyl Team will be in Hall 11, Stand C 32 at Drupa 2016.