NW Alusafe

NW Alusafe | Cleaning product in ultrasonic machines

NW Alusafe | Cleaning product of inks in ultrasonic machines – Special Aluminium parts

The new cleaning product NW Alusafe is adapted to the cleaning of Anilox, sleeves and various parts made of aluminum and all types of inks.


NW Alusafe is a perfect fit with the Recyl NW2 NextWave ultrasonic cleaning machine or with the new machine range Anilox Spray Cleaner.



NW Alusafe is compatible with printing for the food packaging industry.


The NW Alusafe is available in 20-litre drums. It is ready to use (do not dilute).


The NW Alusafe product is VOC free, with no CLP classification and NOT classified as a dangerous good for transportation.



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