Recyl in Hungary

Recyl in Hungary

At Recyl, the year 2016 ended with its wheels spinning, with the installation in Hungary of our Clean Plate 120 machine just a couple of days before Christmas.
The end-customer, Bódai Műanyag (Boda Plastic), located in Hungary, is specialized in the manufacturing and packaging technology trade. Thanks to its EP films of high quality and technicality, Bodai has become a significant market player in the flexible packaging industry, which allows it to work with multinational companies such as Nestlé, Provimi or Codefine in Switzerland.
The installation of the CleanPlate 120 was carried out with the help and active support of our Austrian distributor and partner Eumatex, represented by Norbert Làszló, as well as Recyl’s technical director, Bertrand Christen, and the cleaning results speak for themselves.

Recyl acquired by the Goualard Family

A New Impulse at Recyl

Recyl Ville-la-Grand, France, 31 May 2016

Pierre Chevreux, Founder-President of Recyl SAS, France and his fellow shareholders are pleased to announce that they completed the sale of Recyl to O&CG Holding SAS, owned by Charlotte and Olivier Goualard, effective June 1st, 2016.

Charlotte Goualard spearheaded R&D and Quality Engineering at Recyl over the past 9 years; initially ensuring the smooth transition and compliance to the REACH regulations, then progressively moving into R&D and building upon Pierre Chevreux’s savoir-faire. Charlotte’s work behind the scenes helped Recyl launch many of its latest products such as the QuickWash Flex, Clean Waterless or QuickWash Solvent PU ensuring Recyl’s continuous innovative character.

Charlotte’s husband, Olivier Goualard will take over the leadership of the company as Pierre Chevreux steps down and moves into a very well-deserved retirement. Olivier brings along a strong engineering and business administration background, as well as over 20 years of B2B and leadership experience in a multinational company.

Olivier Goualard said, “I’m thrilled to take Recyl forward, building on its excellent reputation in the domain of industrial printing. Recyl’s team combines experience and youth, expertise and innovation skills, and over all a real sense of customer service and an excellent team spirit, which allowed Recyl to build excellent partnerships with its customers, distributors and suppliers over the years. We are truly fortunate to have an extensive worldwide distribution & reseller network that helps us continuously support clients on every continent.”

“The company is well-equipped to grow in the coming years; both in terms of new cleaning chemical products, more efficient and greener at the same time. In addition, at Drupa 2016, we are unveiling cutting-edge ultrasonic technology for Anilox maintenance. NextWave, Recyl’s latest ultrasonic range based on Sinaptec’s closed loop control system, gives us a crystal-clear advantage by guaranteeing cleaning results over time to its customers,” added Olivier Goualard, the new President of Recyl SAS, France.

Pierre Chevreux commented, “I’m happy to see that the future of Recyl is in good hands. Charlotte and Olivier Goualard combine together excellent technical and management skills, enabling Recyl to move forward in the complex and fascinating flexographic industry.”

About Recyl: Pierre Chevreux founded Recyl back in 1989, quickly creating strong demand for the Cobra, his special formula for deep cleaning of Anilox rolls, de-clogging ceramic rolls whatever the ink type or varnish. Over the years Recyl has established itself as a reference in the flexographic industry, as the company significantly extended its product range to a large choice of maintenance products and machines for Anilox, parts and plates, as well as its global reach through an wide network of distributors located all over the world.

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The Recyl Team will be in Hall 11, Stand C 32 at Drupa 2016.

filtres à encre ink filter

Ink filters – New & Improved

Recyl is pleased to introduce its new ink filters.

Those filters are now closed by a steel lid, which provides far better resistance than plastic.
Thanks to their filtering baskets in different mesh sizes (from 141µ to 600µ), the new Recyl filters improve the inking quality and decreases Anilox wear by retaining all the particles and metallic waste.

The ink filters come with two openings: an inlet and an outlet for ink. The magnet and the filtering cartridge used to hold impurities are placed between the two openings.

Recyl magnetic ink filters for flexo & rotogravure printers.
Recyl magnetic ink filters for flexo & rotogravure printers.

The ink filters are assembled on the inking circuit at the outlet of the pump: the filter inlet is located below the body and the exit is on the front.

The neodymium magnet is bound to attract any metallic particles such as doctor blades chipping away due to high friction. Additionally, the physical ink filter cartridge would capture any dry ink particles larger than the chosen mesh size. With both these elements combined, the ink is certain to be of a clear and consistent quality – resulting in an improved quality.

The design of Recyl ink filters is kept simple for easy maintenance while the robust material ensures longevity.

For flexo printers looking to protect their investments on Anilox rollers and rotogravure printers looking to protect their chrome rollers, these ink filters are a must-have.

The technical specifications of these ink filters can be found on this link: Technical Data Sheet INK FILTER – EN 2018.


New Website Recyl Logo

Welcome to Recyl’s Shiny New Website

New Website – Fast & Interactive

In our attempts to help our online visitors find the right products and to provide an improved and interactive platform, we at Recyl have upgraded our website.

At the bottom of our new website, you will find an interactive platform that helps you find the right products that apply to your segment.

The new website is currently available in English & in French. German, Italian & Spanish languages will be added to this new website in Q2 2016.

Tell us what you think about our brand new website using the New Website Contact section.

Label Expo Europe 2015

Label Expo Europe 2015 | Bart PL invests in a Simplex machine

Read the news from Label Expo Europe 2015!

Label Expo 2015 – L&L – Bart Poland invests in a Recyl Simplex machine

Excerpts from the article by James Quirk of L&L magazine on  Label Expo Europe 2015:

In a deal confirmed at Label Expo Europe 2015, Recyl has added Bart Poland to its list of narrow web printer customers, helping it clean and maintain the parts, plates and anilox rollers.

The Polish converter is a user of Gallus presses, and was able to see Recyl’s equipment in action at the Gallus demo center in St Gallen, Switzerland.

‘Our parts cleaning machine is an extremely simple to operate machine which also allows printers to clean anilox rollers on a daily basis. Add to this, our chemicals, QuickWash UV, recently certified food-safe by ISEGA and others adapted to every single application help printers streamline and automate their post-print workflow,’ said Arnold Cosme, OEM relationship manager at Recyl.’
‘Our association with Gallus goes a long way back and the demo center helps us reach out and help clients see the value addition in ensuring that their parts are kept in top condition,’ said Pierre Chevreux, founder-president of Recyl, which is based on the French side of the Geneva valley.
Recyl had a fantastic show at Label Expo Europe 2015  held at Brussels, Belgium and will be at Hall 5 again for Label Expo Europe 2017.
Drupa 2016

DRUPA 2016 exhibition | Meet the Recyl Team!

Drupa 2016 – Stand C32, Hall 11

Meet the Recyl team at our Stand C32, Hall 11 in Düsseldorf, from 31st May to 10th June 2016.

The Drupa 2016 exhibition will be the largest print exhibition spanning over a dozen halls of exhibitors. It offers a great opportunity for printers to discover the latest developments from the printing industry.

Recyl will showcase the results of its R&D efforts at Drupa 2016 and it will also help printers, converters and their support teams to discover the folks behind the scenes at Recyl.

Drupa 2016 Website

Watch this space for more news on Recyl @ Drupa 2016!