Quick’Wash CLICHÉ

Quick’Wash Cliché: special cleaning product for plates

The new cleaning product Quick’Wash Cliché is specially adapted to clean all plates tarnished with solvent-based inks, primarily used in the flexible packaging market.

Quick’Wash Cliché is a smart combination of chemicals with a high cleaning power allowing to cover a very wide spectrum of either fresh or dry solvent-based inks: its high cleaning efficiency on plates is combined with its compatibility for use in food packaging).

Cliche-CleanerQuick’Wash Cliché is the perfect fit for use with our
CLICHÉ CLEANER machine range, which comes into 7 models
for different widths of plates, adapted to the various needs
of printers in the narrow, mid and wide-web markets.




Quick’Wash Cliché can also be used manually on or off printing machine.
Our product is available in drums of 20 L, 220 L or 1000 L.
It is a non-corrosive product and is not classified as a dangerous good for transportation.

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