W200 | Dilutable product for Anilox Cleaning Machines

W200 | Product for Chemical Spraying & Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaning Machines

The W200 product can be used on all type of inks & coatings whether UV, Water-based or Solvent inks of any composition, including nitrocellulose & polyurethane. This product is used by printers worldwide, including multi-national groups having the following types of Anilox cleaning machines:

  • Chemical Spraying machines
    • Recommended dilution rate 1:1 with water
  • Ultrasonic Machines
    • Recommended dilution rate up to 1:3 with water

The above is the recommended dilution rate for W200 as per Recyl in Anilox Cleaning machines using the above mechanisms. For certain inks, this product can even work at a dilution rate of 1:5 with water.


The W200 product can be used in non-Recyl machines* as well. Printers across the world have noted far superior cleaning results from Recyl's W200 on machines made by other manufacturers.* This is because Recyl is at heart, a chemical company and our extensive R&D on chemicals helps us ensure that your Anilox rollers remain clean, whether through manual cleaning or automated cleaning in machines.


W200 is available in plastic jerricans of 20L, drums of 220L as well as cubitainers of 1 000L.

  • Mix the W200 product very well

    • Before use
    • After dilution
  • Avoid contact of the product with aluminium surfaces
  • For best results, use soft-water, that is water with minimal or no traces of calcium & magnesium salts.

* Please check with Recyl regarding the compatibility of W200 in your Anilox Cleaning machine pumps before use. Please contact Recyl directly or any of our partners for further information.

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